VoIP Business Edition adds professional functionalities to your Elastix community version.

Is intended for the end user and adds quality and security components for the administrator.

With VoIP Business Edition you can sync your contacts with Google contacts, make calls from a browser on any operating system without restricting the communication to additional software requirements or physical phones; enables the increase of users at a very low cost. With VoIP Business Edition we are returning to the days of remote user is perfect for telecommuting.

Featured: embedded webphone, chat through sip, better management of contacts, security monitoring


  • Embedded Webphone

    An elegant webphone embedded in the user’s web interface. Users with an enabled extension can make and receive calls from the Elastix user’s interface, without a hardphone; useful when working remotely.

  • Internal Chat

    Chat through SIP integrated into the Webphone pane of VoIP Business Edition. Internal users can make and receive chat messages and receive notifications with the user’s name and an extract of the current message. Compatible with Live Chat functionality.

  • WebRTC and Opus by default

    VoIP Business Edition uses WebRTC on the embedded Webphone, ensuring two characteristics: Opus codec that allows one of the best available compressions, and Encryption calls.

  • Voice Quality

    Allows to monitor the voice quality of each telephony endpoint, a useful tool for an administrator to ensure that the quality of the conversations are optimal.

  • Support for LDAP

    We can add the LDAP server of our company to VoIP Business Edition as an additional source of contacts to make a call.