Privacy Policy

Privacy of the personal data:

Your personal data is the sole responsibility of you and this website is responsible for not disclosing any information belonging to you (such as email, ip numbers, etc.), except for your express authorization or forces of a legal nature. Such as hacking or impersonation.

Security of your personal information:

This website is responsible for ensuring your security, for the privacy of your information and the respect for your data, in accordance with the limitations that the current Internet provides, being aware that we are not excluded from any attack by the Of crackers or malicious users who engage in computer crime.

Obtaining your information:

All your personal data recorded on this site are supplied by you, making full use of your freedom. The information stored here only includes basic data entered through contact forms, comments or the like.

Use of information:

By providing us with your personal data, in accordance with the Privacy Policy set forth herein, you authorize us for the following use of your information: a) for the purpose for which it has been provided; b) to consider it within our traffic statistics, thus increasing our advertising and market offer; c) to better orient the services offered here and to evaluate them at their discretion, and d) to send e-mails with our bulletins, answer questions or comments, and keep our users informed.

Use of cookies:

The use of cookies and their IP address, taken by this site, is done only for the purpose of maintaining a site according to your local preferences (such as used web browser, operating system, ISP, etc.). The «cookies» allow to deliver a content adjusted to the interests and needs of our users / visitors. Third Party cookies that are present in this Weblog, as advertisers or advertising thereof, may also be used for the sole purpose of providing additional or relevant information to the User Navigation on this Website.

Modifications to our Privacy Policy:

The website reserves the right to modify, rectify, alter, add or delete any point of this writing at any time and without prior notice, being its responsibility to keep informed of it for the proper administration of its information.