Pricing and licensing

  • Licenses types

  • Voice License

  • Yearly

  • $60

    per concurrent agent

  • Perpetual

  • $160

    per concurrent agent

  • Rebranding

  • $1990

    (Includes license 10 anual voice agents)

Dinomi Call Center is designed thinking in flexibility and suited to your needs.

Our licenses are based on logged in agents. For example, you can have 100 agents in shifting turns but if only 50 of them are logged in the call center at the same time, you’ll need only 50 licenses.

Supervisor roles does not consume licenses, so feel free to create them to view reports or to manage your teams.

Dinomi grows in pair with your Call Center operations, because of this, we made our licenses stackable. This means that you can add new licenses as you need, and all of them will sum up to allow more agents to your operations.

Depending on the license you choose, you can have a license valid for a year or a perpetual license, for more than a year.