The Call Center Solution

Powerful Predictive Dialer

DINOMI is powerful, robust, flexible and easy to use, it has many features that are part of the core of a Call Centre operation. DINOMIs advantage is that its communication base has all the available tools in the market including support for WebRTC and security via SRTP.

Dynamic Forms

DINOMI is a versatile Call Centre solution, which allows to develop forms with several levels of customization based on nodes. Plan all your required options with knowing that the information collected will be tabulated so that it can allow easy and full statistical analysis.

Flexible Scalability

Unlike other Call Centre solutions available, DINOMI allows you to purchase the number of licenses you need and add more as your operation grows. You don’t need to adapt to required pre-designed packages or buy a minimum number of licenses. Install a demo and add users to your convenience.


  • Predictive and Progressive Dialing

    DINOMI has a powerful predictive dialer that allows to operate high-volume outbound campaigns and also allows progressive calls. In predictive mode, the dialer calculates the required volume of calls depending on the lines, available agents and the talk time of the calls. In progressive mode, the dialer makes the calls based on agents available to take them.

  • Inbound Campaigns

    Manages incoming calls, transferring them to an operator. Each of them can be enabled with different calling strategies, for example: ring all, round robin, fewest calls; allowing complete customization of management, times, audios, overflows and scaling of calls.

    Operators count with the customer information through a graphical interface at the time of communication, as well as the forms specifically designed for the data collection of the current campaign.

  • Outbound Campaigns

    Outbound campaigns operate with multiple contact lists, managed by time windows and concurrent channels. The system provides a “do not call” list within the campaign; it works in predictive mode, calculating the required volume of calls depending on the available lines and agents, as well as the talk time of calls; or progressive mode, placing calls as there are agents available to take them.

    As in the inbound campaigns, operators count with the customer information and the campaign-specific forms in the graphic interface.

  • Preview Campaigns

    Create manuals campaigns and allow agents to choose the contacts to call from a list, or randomly present them with prior information before dialing. Manual dialing or preview also allows to skip a contact.

  • Supervision

    The call center supervisor not only has access to the real-time status of each campaign, agents, and system, but also administers all kinds of information such as calls in queue, waiting, abandoned, answered, and average call times; also to agent information on the quantity, average attention time, and status.

    The web interface of DINOMI enables the supervisor to analyze the campaigns status from any computer via web browser.

  • Dynamic Forms

    Create forms that vary according to the data collected during the customer call. The script displayed in the agent interface interacts with the agent depending on the answers that are entered, providing opportunities to respond to multiple scenarios.

  • Independent Customer Management

    Each administrator has control of an independent customer base in each campaign.

  • Supervisor Users

    Manage each user through a supervisor-specific interface. Supervisors have unique properties for the call center, and are the only ones who can manage it. There are general supervisors and team supervisors; General supervisors perform the administration tasks of the Call Center, while the team ones are responsible for their corresponding campaigns, customers, and reports.

  • Agent Console

    This is the application where the agent interacts with the system. The operator logs in, manages their status, and immediately has all the campaign information, such as contact details and the information fields to be filled during the call.

    The operator can access external third-party systems, pre-configured by the administrator, thus obtaining a direct communication with other web applications such as a CRM or other custom applications.

  • Remote Database

    DINOMI can be integrated with any database available on another server, allowing you to improve performance of the server hosting DINOMI.

  • Teams

    Work teams conformed by several agents and a supervisor can be created, allowing group-based reports and filtering to review the performance of the agent per supervisor, thus making the campaign management independent from each supervisor, and providing greater ease along with detailed information to meet your goals.

  • Multiple Numbers per Contact

    The customer database for outbound calls may contain several telephone numbers associated with one customer, increasing the chances to contact the customer.

  • Form Privileges

    Forms may be public, available to other teams, and may also be used by other supervisors. But you can also create private forms, which can be used only by the campaigns of the team they belong to. This feature is enabled for all forms, static or dynamic.

  • Form Designer

    The supervisor managed the information to be entered by the operators during the interaction with the customer by forms that are fully configurable depending on the campaign requirements, such as: informational tags, comments, dates, option selection fields.
    Each record entered is stored in a database along with the data of each call.

  • Login

    Upon login, the operator can work in high availability mode or CallBack. In high availability mode, the operator is always connected to the system and every transferred call is automatically answered by the agent console, thus increasing the call center’s productivity.

    In CallBack mode, the operator remains connected to the system but, when a call is transferred, it must be answered manually. This feature is useful when the agents share other tasks within the call center, allowing them to make and receive calls that do not belong to campaigns.

  • Automatic Machine Detection AMD

    There is an option to enable detection of answering machines, fax machines, and IVRs for outbound campaigns.


On-Premise Call Center Platform works independently or with an existing telephony platform.

Cloud-based Call Center solution available on a monthly subscription.

Official release, 2nd quarter 2017

Other versions available

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